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Audiometer 600 M

(Code: SEN_17184)
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Audiometer 600 M
  • Audiometer 600 M
  • Audiometer 600 M
  • Audiometer 600 M
  • Audiometer 600 M

 One single software, designed to be easy to install, yo be comprehensive and to be operated :

Interactive and intuitive
Without limitation of installation number and validity duration
Manual and automatic programmable modes
Optimization of the tests, con duration of scenarioes
Rapid execution ( keyboard, mouse, personalization of programs )
Data bank, creation of patient files, saving, printing, exporting
Supported operations systems : Windows 7, Vista, XP, 8 et 10
Minimum computer requirements : 1 port USB, RAM : 1 Go, CPU : 1 GHz, Free space on hard disk : 50 Mo, Graphic Resolution graphique : 1024x600

In compliance with medical regulations : approved CE 0459 ( Directive 93/42/CEE ) 
The flexibility of the software allows an adaptation of its application to the different Medecines and
a personalization of the test programs according to the effective needs of the Health Care Professional.

Its performances make it a software capable to :

  •       Be interfaced with any medical softwares and to export the results of the tests
  •       Merge, synchronise or replace the data banks between each other
  •       Help for interprating audiograms (according to EN 7029) • Calculate the hearing losses• Determine the hearing thresholds according to the
  •       « Hughson–Westlake » method• Produce a continuous or a pulsed sound• Make appear on the patient sheet, all the marking elements
  •       related to the test and the audiometer
  •       The design of the audiometer 600 M makes it capable to be connected with any PC (notebook, portable or for desk).It ensures, alone, the electrical safety of the whole assembly (according to EN 60601-1).

 Supplied in a carrying briefcase including :

  •    the audiometric box 
  •    the highly isolated headphones 
  •    the 1m long USB cable 
  •    the Patient response hand switch 
  •    the CD supporting the software and the user manual